What to do if the phone heats up a bit

Our used smartphone gets hot sometimes. Which is very annoying. Again, fear works in the mind if there is an explosion. This problem can be prevented by following some rules.

The addiction to using the phone is so high that we use the phone even when it is charged. Put any charger to charge the phone. Due to these habits the mobile gets overheated.

If the smartphone overheats while using heavy applications, playing games and watching videos, some precautions must be taken. The main reason behind smartphone overheating is battery overheating. And if the battery is overheated, accidents like battery explosion may occur.

In most cases, the issue of phone heating is considered to be a hardware related issue. But let’s know what exactly causes the phone to overheat or what is the way to prevent it.

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  • If you want to play games on your phone, take a break from time to time. Do not keep old game apps on smartphone. Update regularly.> Phone may heat up if overcharged. For this reason, charge the phone to 80-90 percent. Many people charge their phones all night. Due to which the smartphone may heat up.
  • The phone’s display drains most of the battery. The backlight of the display requires the most battery. Because of this, if the Gone starts to heat up, reducing the display brightness may solve the problem.
  • Continuous use of the phone for a long time puts extra pressure on the phone’s battery and processor. At that time the phone starts heating up. So if you take a break at regular intervals while using the phone, the chances of the phone heating up are reduced.
  • Due to the accumulation of necessary files in the memory, the phone heats up. For this, restarting the phone at least once a day reduces the possibility of overheating. If the phone is hot, you can restart it immediately.
  • Charging the phone in the sun or in hot weather can heat up the smartphone. Talking on the phone or using social media while charging can also heat up the phone. If it is too hot, you can keep it under the fan for a while. But don’t forget to keep the AC in the room or in the fridge.
  • Unnecessary apps running in the background can cause the phone to heat up. So get rid of the old apps which you are not using. It will free up your phone space as well as keep the phone cool.
  • Do not use very heavy and thick covers on the phone. It’s best if you don’t use the cover. The cover of the phone can also cause the phone to heat up after using it for a short period of time.


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