How long do conversation time, music playback, and standby each last?

The amount of time a mobile device remains powered on while its battery is completely charged and it is idlely connected to a network is known as stand-by time. Any other activity, such as making or receiving phone calls, should not be included during this period. If the network is weak or not strong enough, or if the phone is in a moving vehicle, this time may vary.

The maximum amount of time a mobile device can be in standby mode after completely charging its battery and connecting to any network, such as Robi/GP. Mobile phone conversations, online gaming, and other activities won’t count toward your stand-by time at this time. However, if the network is poor or the mobile device is in a moving vehicle, this time may change.


After the battery is fully charged, the talk-time is the maximum amount of time available for making calls. For instance, if a phone advertises 15 hours of talk time, it indicates that after fully charging the phone, you can chat for 15 hours before the battery entirely discharges.

Talk-time is the amount of time it takes for a fully charged mobile phone’s battery to be entirely discharged through continuous talking.

The longest period of time a fully charged phone battery can be utilized to listen to any kind of audio file is during music playback (using earphones and not loudspeakers). During this time, the phone should be turned off (or in flight mode).


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