Data Speed

What is Data Speed / ডাটা স্পিড কি?

👉 Data speed The quickest rate at which data may be transferred and received simultaneously is referred to as data speed. The amount of data that can be sent, received, downloaded, and uploaded in a certain amount of time is referred to by this term (per second). Data speed is the maximum rate at which …

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GPRS: What is it?

GPRS The 2G network supports the packet-based mobile data service known as GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) (and 3G). With a GPRS-enabled phone, anyone may access the internet, browse several websites, and download media (music, photographs, etc). (the network must be GPRS supported). Depending on the data plan offered by the network provider, fees may …

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What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth Bluetooth is a remote innovation that can move/share information remotely over a short reach (genuinely 50 meters) as short frequency microwaves. It was first designed by Ericsson Broadcast communications (later they converged with Sony). The Ericsson T36 is the world’s originally underlying Bluetooth empowered telephone. Numerous gadgets currently have Bluetooth availability, for example, cell …

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How long do conversation time, music playback, and standby each last? The amount of time a mobile device remains powered on while its battery is completely charged and it is idlely connected to a network is known as stand-by time. Any other activity, such as making or receiving phone calls, should not be included during …

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Describe MMS. Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, allows users to communicate and transfer multimedia assets of a certain size, including text, photos, sound snippets, and videos. The expense of the operator charging for an MMS is incurred. Depending on the operator and phone compatibility, message sizes can range from 100 to 600 kb. Multimedia Messaging …

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হোয়াটসঅ্যাপ প্রোফাইলে কিউআর কোড

With the beta version, Android users may now utilize QR codes on their WhatsApp accounts.

With the beta version, WhatsApp profiles for Android users now include QR codes. You can build a link to your profile after adding the New Share Profile button. By hitting on this link, any other person can quickly start a WhatsApp chat with you. The ability to create a QR code for the profile is …

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